Is it a whale? Is it a boy? No, it's Whaleboy, stupid! That's right, boys and girls...Everybody's favorite boy-in-a-whale-costume-with-a-sucker fish-attached-to-his-head is now available in stunning 3-D!!! I made this CG model in what little spare time I had for my buddy Patrick Morgan to show at this year's Comic Con - unfortunately there were technical difficulties and we couldnt get a smooth quicktime of the rendered animating turnaround in time for the masses to behold. Here are some screen grabs I got - I just hope I did the Whaleboy fans proud.

Update: Here is a shot of the Whaleboy I modeled, fully posed and blown up for Patrick's booth at this year's Comic Con. I was pretty stoked to see that!


Family of Food said...

Good work Alex! Patrick must be so happy : )

Jon said...

Looks great Alex! Patrick's an old friend of mine and I started modeling Whaleboy just for fun a few years ago, but never finished him. I think I got as far as the basic body and the sucker fish. I hate to sound like a total geek but do you have a wireframe render we could see? I'd love to check it out.

Again, great work!


echoform said...

great work dude. would love to see your own characters in 3D too. and maybe the sean ho caricature. :)