Memory Sketch excersise

My friend Patrick Morgan and I went out to sketch some people on our lunch break, and though the pickins were pretty slim, we spotted this lady that was begging to be drawn...so we decided to take a mental snap shot of her and use her as our memory sketch subject.


Life Drawing 'Cowboy'

Some life drawings I did last night, the model dressed up as a cowboy and got into character with some great poses. I had fun with these.


The Joker

Here's a sketch I did of Heath Ledger's Joker. What a phenomenal performance he gave, truly inspiring...I had a Joker-esue grin on my face every second he was on the screen. It will be interesting to see anybody try to top his performance.

Here's the pencils


Meeting Sketch dump

Heres a huge dump of sketches done during meetings at work...Im pretty sure this is what meetings are for, though I could be worng.


Drawing Jam: Miranda Kerr

I did this for drawingboard.org 's March Drawing Jam. The model is Miranda Kerr of Victoria's Secret.


Classic Dames

Here's a few 'dames' I did from photo ref...they were actresses fro
m the black & white Hollywood days, though I couldn't tell you who they are. Every once in a while a group of us at work get togther and draw from these old Hollywood pics...you just dont see faces like these anymore, truly classics.