Sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy here at work...and though I have been drawing fairly regularly, I havn't had much time to scan and post anything in a while. So here goes a few updates (more of the same...people's faces) but when I get more free time, I will try to post different subjects. Enjoy!


Here's a few I did from over at the drawing board. A bunch of caricaturists posts pics of themselves and do caricatures of one another. There is some amazing talent over there, I may get up the courage to post a pic of myself and have them have a go at me. In the meantime...


A little late...these are last weeks faces. I really should start drawing more than just faces now, makes me wonder if you guys are sick of seeing the same stuff. Anywho, here you go.

And here's some of the rejects from previous weeks...there's nothing really wrong with them, but they just dont do anythign for me eigther. Blah.


This week's bunch...Starbucks patrons and some co-workers.


A few from yesterday's lunch break at the local Border's bookstore.


Here's a bunch of sketches from this weeks outings. All done on lunch breaks throughout the week.

The sketches below are my least favorite from the past few weeks, but I did promise I would post the good with the bad...so here they go.


Here are a few caricatures from photo references...It's easier for me to work from photographs because I can take the time to study the subject's features closely, instead of trying to quickly capture them as the subject is walking by. These particular photos were from a few caricature jams over at the Drawing Board.

Here's the reference pics

I think Uma Therman is my least favorite, and Matt Damon is kind of there...but I was fairly happy with how John Goodman came out. Below I posted my process to show that it takes a few tries to nail down a look I'm happy with.


Here are some scribbles I did from life. Some were while on a lunch break, out and about, or while in company meetings. I am heavily influenced by Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan, and other artists who can capture somebody's likeness and make a funny picture out of it. It's not so much a caricature, but more of a cartoonization of the person's likeness. Simplifying, stylizing, and giving character to ordinary people. I'm still trying to find my own style, hopefully as the posts continue I will see something emerge. Here's what I got for now:


So this is my sketch blog...here is my first post, and if all goes as planned, it wont be my last.

Tor Johnson from Plan 9 From Outer Space and Hellboy...that red bastard is just so damn fun to draw.

More Hellboys, as mentioned above...fun bastard to draw.