Here are some scribbles I did from life. Some were while on a lunch break, out and about, or while in company meetings. I am heavily influenced by Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan, and other artists who can capture somebody's likeness and make a funny picture out of it. It's not so much a caricature, but more of a cartoonization of the person's likeness. Simplifying, stylizing, and giving character to ordinary people. I'm still trying to find my own style, hopefully as the posts continue I will see something emerge. Here's what I got for now:


wintermonkey said...

great stuff! i'll be bookmarking & linking. can't wait to see more.

Mr Goodson said...

These are awesome. The more I look at the the more I dig them

John Watkiss said...

Dear Alex,
Despite the fact I look like I am going bald. I in fact. have a very large forehead. Which is so huge, that it conceals the mass of hair behind, below,subterranean and in the deepest recesses. I feel it would be a challenge to capture these aspects next time around.

Best regards
John W