Celebs - 2010

Drew most of these shorty after Michael Jackson's death, just got around to scanning them. Got a few Jacko's in there, an Elliott Smith and some Billy Corgans, and unrecognizable (but I like how I drew him) Anthony Bourdain, and some poker players.

Comic Con and E3 - 2010

People watching from E3 and Comic Con - 2010



Is it a whale? Is it a boy? No, it's Whaleboy, stupid! That's right, boys and girls...Everybody's favorite boy-in-a-whale-costume-with-a-sucker fish-attached-to-his-head is now available in stunning 3-D!!! I made this CG model in what little spare time I had for my buddy Patrick Morgan to show at this year's Comic Con - unfortunately there were technical difficulties and we couldnt get a smooth quicktime of the rendered animating turnaround in time for the masses to behold. Here are some screen grabs I got - I just hope I did the Whaleboy fans proud.

Update: Here is a shot of the Whaleboy I modeled, fully posed and blown up for Patrick's booth at this year's Comic Con. I was pretty stoked to see that!