Holiday Card

Well, it's December and you know what that means...SANTA CLAUSE'S BIRTHDAY IS COMMING!!! Good ol' St. Nick, the Patron Saint of falling into debt. Well, this is the first X-mas card I've ever designed, I actually did it for a contest my company was holding...and though I didn't win, I had a lot of fun doing it. The style is definately inspired by a bunch of illustrators I've been looking at for inspiration lately, though I tried not to make it a complete rip-off.


Jury Doodie was funnn!!! Well, not really...but I tried to make the most of my time sitting around waiting.


A bunch cafe sketches I hadn't gotten around to scanning until now.


Jimi Hendrix. Drew these on small 3x5 inch pieces of paper, thought I'd post em. Not my favorite drawing, but I havnt posted in a while so I figured...what the hey?


The Caricature(s) on the bottom right is a of a professional caricaturist named Joe Bluhm. I got to meet the guy at this year's Comic Con and bought his awesome book Rejects, a great book of caricatures and the stories of how his drawings were rejected by his clients because they were so...what's the word...horrifying? In all honesty, they are all great and the people who rejected them must have no idea what a real caricature is and were probably expecting a cute-icature or something lame. Anyways, as I bought the book, he asked me if I wanted it personalized...I said "sure!" Then he bagan drawing me right then and there, kind of caught me off guard. So this is what he drew:

A good likeness if you ask me (and anybody who knows me), but not nearly as extreme as what you will find in the book. Pick it up if you get the chance...you'll get a good laugh out of it.


Drew these while watching TV one night. That's supposed to be Jewel on the top left, 2 versions of MSNBC'sNancy Grace on the bottom left, a guest on Nancy Grace's show on the far right, and some guitarist for some band top middle.


Here's my attempt at Terry O'Quinn from Lost. I don't watch the show so I don't know if I captured his likeness well or not. Anywho, I did this for an acquaintance of mine's Caricature Challenge over at http://diegolucia.com.ar/diluc/terry.html Working on this made me realize I really need to do more color pieces...I need tons of help in that department, maybe take a digital paint class or something.

Here's the sketches...

For shits & giggles...



Compilations of drawings I had lying around, decided to scan em.


"My friends think I'm ugly, I've got a masculine face." Here's my attempt at Mr. Tom Waits, I tried a different approach with him. I need to work on my crosshatching, I think I got his likeness though.


More caricatures...I had fun with this batch.


Somebody I know whom I greatly respect as both an artist and a person recently told me something that had an impact on me. He noticed in some of my drawings (see older posts) that I had a bit of a "style" developing, it's a simplified style that I've been trying my hands at after being inspired by guys like Stephen Silver, Shane Glines, and a bunch of the guys on the links section. He said "Artists can sometimes hide behind styles", and though I'm certain he said this with no ill will towards my work, it did make me think. Artists like those I mentioned who draw in that simplified style I admire so much, also have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of drawing. Though I've been drawing for a few years, I'm hardly a master of the basic fundamentals, in fact...I still have a whole lot to learn. These past few drawings I've done, though still as caricatures, were done with some of the fundamentals lacking in my older posts. I found out that I've had a hard time with shading, and with details like hair. Giving them form, weight, mass...It's definitely a challenge and something I've gotten rusty with while drawing in the style I've been developing. I still want to develop that style, but I don't want to use it as a crutch to avoid the basics of drawing. Sorry for the long explanation...here now, are more drawings.


A couple more from photo ref. I actually took a little more time with these...went for a more traditional caricature approach.


And now for something a little different than the norm...naked ladies. Enjoy.

These were from the May 'Drawing Jam' over at http://www.drawingboard.org/viewtopic.php?t=55266 (Warning: [tasteful] nudity)


Some quickies from today drawn from pictures taken at a Tattoo convention.
Well, I've decided to change my blog name...turns out there was another blogger using a very similar name, and though he never contacted me about the similarities, I decided to change it anyways. So here is a new post after a very long absence. Drawn from watching loops of old TV shows a co-worker of mine made...love those classic faces! Enjoy.