The Caricature(s) on the bottom right is a of a professional caricaturist named Joe Bluhm. I got to meet the guy at this year's Comic Con and bought his awesome book Rejects, a great book of caricatures and the stories of how his drawings were rejected by his clients because they were so...what's the word...horrifying? In all honesty, they are all great and the people who rejected them must have no idea what a real caricature is and were probably expecting a cute-icature or something lame. Anyways, as I bought the book, he asked me if I wanted it personalized...I said "sure!" Then he bagan drawing me right then and there, kind of caught me off guard. So this is what he drew:

A good likeness if you ask me (and anybody who knows me), but not nearly as extreme as what you will find in the book. Pick it up if you get the chance...you'll get a good laugh out of it.

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echoform said...

great stuff once again. joe's mug of you looks sweet as well. also, nice posts on the HI blog too. :)