This week's bunch...Starbucks patrons and some co-workers.


A few from yesterday's lunch break at the local Border's bookstore.


Here's a bunch of sketches from this weeks outings. All done on lunch breaks throughout the week.

The sketches below are my least favorite from the past few weeks, but I did promise I would post the good with the bad...so here they go.


Here are a few caricatures from photo references...It's easier for me to work from photographs because I can take the time to study the subject's features closely, instead of trying to quickly capture them as the subject is walking by. These particular photos were from a few caricature jams over at the Drawing Board.

Here's the reference pics

I think Uma Therman is my least favorite, and Matt Damon is kind of there...but I was fairly happy with how John Goodman came out. Below I posted my process to show that it takes a few tries to nail down a look I'm happy with.


Here are some scribbles I did from life. Some were while on a lunch break, out and about, or while in company meetings. I am heavily influenced by Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan, and other artists who can capture somebody's likeness and make a funny picture out of it. It's not so much a caricature, but more of a cartoonization of the person's likeness. Simplifying, stylizing, and giving character to ordinary people. I'm still trying to find my own style, hopefully as the posts continue I will see something emerge. Here's what I got for now:


So this is my sketch blog...here is my first post, and if all goes as planned, it wont be my last.

Tor Johnson from Plan 9 From Outer Space and Hellboy...that red bastard is just so damn fun to draw.

More Hellboys, as mentioned above...fun bastard to draw.