Warmup Sketch - Boy

Did a warm-up sketch this morning before beginning work on a kid's project I've been contracted to do. I realized I don't draw kids very often, so I needed the practice. The project will be for a cutscene animated in Flash - oh yeah, I'm also teaching myself Flash (about friggen time!)


Sketches from out n about

Drew some of these at various places, including at a bar, at Comic Con and at last night's Animation Nation event with Stephen Silver.


Jury Doodie heads, with KENNY G!!!!

Jury Doodie part Deux. In 2007 I had to spend all day in a stuffy Downtown LA Courthouse waiting to see if I was gonna be chosen as a juror. To pass the time, I sat and drew some of my fellow potential jurors. A few weeks back I had the misfortune of being stuck in the very same building, and again passed the time sketching away. This time, however...after I cleverly talked myself out of serving - as I walked through DTLA's California Plaza, I was delighted to have stumbled upon THE Kenny G. doing a sound check for a concert he was apparently performing there later that evening. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating how excited I actually was, but it was a cool moment nonetheless. As I watched him, I KID YOU NOT, the natural outdoor breeze was dramatically blowing his hair as if he was in a music video or something. It was dreamy. I quickly got out my sketchbook and decided to sketch him, just as he was wrapping up. All in all, not a bad day in LA.


Jim Morrison circa 1994

"It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It's probably the best drawing I've ever done."
This was one of my first "good" drawings I ever made. I was 14 years old, and this was an assignment for my art class. I probably could have gotten a lot of girls with this drawing alone, too bad I was such a shy introvert. Ah well, at least I kept at it and made a career out of it. Art, that is.


Some ladies

Digital sketches

A couple of digital sketches from photo reference, including Walter Cronkite

Burly Bearded Baddies

Well, mustachioed at least. Playing around with proportions and moustaches for some bad guys I'm designing.


Older faces

A collection of older faces I never got around to posting until now, including a Sophia Loren I never finished and a Hans Christian Andersen.


A few faces + Wonder Woman

The the gist of these were drawn at Patrick Morgan's Animation Nation talk in Burbank last week. I did a few sketches of Patrick himself...I'm not sure why I always seem to draw him so haggard looking - my bad dude! The Wonder Woman was drawn on the back of a receipt, I do that sometimes.


Splash Page for ActionAllStars.com

Did this as a splash page for the Time Warp Adventure level for ActionAllStars.com The plan was to make it look like a Drew Struzan Indiana Jones poster, who is definitely one of the reasons I love drawing faces to this day. I think I still have a piece lying around somewhere from when I was like 14 when I tried to copy one of his Star Wars posters . This was indeed a fun piece.

Here are the thumbnails - the story for this level is: there's a turf monster terrorizing the construction site of a new football field, and work can't continue until he is caught. So it is up to you to find and capture this mysterious monster.

Update: here's the final image as used on the site.


Mexico Nov 2010

I spent a day of my vacation in Mexico to draw some of the passers by in the plaza of the city where my parents grew up, Cuidad Guzman, Jalisco.

Drink & Draw

These were people that attended a Drink & Draw event at Casey's Irish Pub in Downtown Los Angeles.